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Health and wellness management, occupational safety, and service training.

New Attitude Equals Health (NAEH) is a trusted, affordable source for:

Health and Safety Consultation

A confidential, occupational safety and health services discussion, review or walkthrough, tailored to your specific needs.

Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Course

A lifestyle plan designed to reduce and prevent common lifestyle diseases.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

American Heart Association (ASA) Course

Learn how to quickly recognize various types of life-threatening emergencies, perform chest compressions, provide ventilations, and use an AED.

Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED

American Heart Association (ASA) Course

Learn how to safely and effectively provide first aid, CPR, and use an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

Learn how to protect yourself and others from exposure to blood or blood-containing materials.

OSHA 10-Hour Training for General Industry

osha authorized training

Understand and be ready for OSHA’s newest guidelines.

  • Receive a completion certificate and DOL card.
  • Includes a free study guide. Covers 29 CFR 1910 regulations.
  • Designed for entry-level factory and manufacturing workers, healthcare employees, warehouse staff, and others.
  • Focuses on general safety topics, such as emergency action plans, bloodborne pathogens, lockout/tagout, recordkeeping, and much more.

OSHA 30-Hour Training for General Industry

osha authorized training FOR MANAGERS & SUPERVISORS

The 30-Hour OSHA course provides training on an expanded list of safety topics associated with workplace hazards, including the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of workplace hazards.

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“With over 40 years experience as an educator and having to work with different individuals doing training and presentations, Mrs. Fider stands out as one of the most effective. Her mode of presentation was clear and concise during the Heartsaver course. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend her to do these training courses in your facilities.”


“The Heartsaver for K-12 course was an interactive, fun, easy to understand, and informative program. It is definitely a privilege and pride to be able to say that you’re certified and are educated on how to save lives.”


“Marcia was knowledgeable, personable and articulated very well. She provided effective modeling at the beginning of each section and moved the class along at a steady pace. She was patient and made the class easy and fun.”


“Great class! It was both fun and educational. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Fider as an instructor to others.”