New Attitude Equals Health (NAEH)

Health and wellness management, occupational safety, and service training designed to help you build a legacy of health and wellness.

New Attitude Equals Health (NAEH) is mindful about providing dependable resources, and guidance on health and safety training to improve quality of life for families, communities, and organizations of all sizes.

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Our training services include American Heart Association CPR, AED and First Aid, Health Management, Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), and OSHA for General Industry.

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We help individuals and organizations of all sizes reengineer their compliance processes to be more efficient and sustainable; privately or in a transparent group setting.


Through fun, interactive, and easy to understand sessions, you can achieve an atmosphere of accountability while streamlining health care budgets and reducing insurance costs.

OUR story

Health and safety has always been a passion of mine since childhood. I simply was interested in helping people take care of themselves and others.

This enthusiasm was further developed through my degrees, certifications, and research, which provided the fuel to share my passion for health and safety with others — no matter what their socioeconomic level — and without limitations.

This gave birth to the creation and founding of New Attitude Equals Health (NAEH), a health and wellness management, occupational safety, and service training company with two purposes:

  • Provide trustworthy, balanced education and compliance training for organizations of all sizes.
  • Extend health and safety training to those who may be unable to afford it.

Having raised a family, I bring an inherent and earnest desire to extend the values of health and wellness to individuals, families, and organizations in a balanced and wholesome format.

At NAEH, my goal is to help people transform their view of general health and safety compliance practices. Compliance doesn’t have to be restrictive, but rather, it should give us the freedom to live better lives.

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“With over 40 years experience as an educator and having to work with different individuals doing training and presentations, Mrs. Fider stands out as one of the most effective. Her mode of presentation was clear and concise during the Heartsaver course. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend her to do these training courses in your facilities.”


“The Heartsaver for K-12 course was an interactive, fun, easy to understand, and informative program. It is definitely a privilege and pride to be able to say that you’re certified and are educated on how to save lives.”


“Marcia was knowledgeable, personable and articulated very well. She provided effective modeling at the beginning of each section and moved the class along at a steady pace. She was patient and made the class easy and fun.”


“Great class! It was both fun and educational. I would definitely recommend Mrs. Fider as an instructor to others.”